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Answers to FAQ

Waiting lists - Do we keep a waiting list?

  • Yes we do, but we ask that you do your due diligence prior to asking to be put on our list. We also ask that if you just want the first pup you can get and want on multiple lists please skip ours. Once on our list we will do every thing we can to get you a pup and by only being on our list it helps us forecast when clients can expect to get one.

Deposits - Do we take deposits? Do we take deposits to get on our waiting list?

  • No we do not take deposits to get on our list but yes we do take deposits once puppies are whelped and assigned to you.

Shipping - Do you ship? Cost to ship?

  • Yes we do. We ship out of Portland Airport (PDX) and the costs involved are the shipping crate $75, the health certificate to fly $100, PDX transfer charge $100 and the actual flight.This works out to $275 plus the actual cost of the flight which ranges from $200 to $350.

Breeding Restrictions - Do our puppies come with breeding restrictions?

  • Yes they do but for all the right reasons. Our pups come with NAVHDA registration and are breed restricted to keep rogue back-yard breeders from breeding untested and un x-ray'd dogs that are often too closely related. However... as long as your dog meets our breeding requirements for testing and x-rays we will lift the breeding restriction for no cost except NAVHDA's charge for the paper work. 

Warranty or Guarantee - Do we warranty or guarantee our puppies?

  • Yes we do against genetic health defects.

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