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About Us

Our Story

     When our son turned 13, he spent his life savings on a new Benelli shotgun, it was time to step up and get a gun dog. After spending months and countless hours researching every gun dog breed known to man along with numerous phone conversations with breeders nationwide we decided on a Pudelpointer. Next came contacting breeders across the country only to find out that our best case scenario was to be placed on a list and "possibly" get a puppy the following year. Then came an opportunity from a local breeder to  acquire a 3-year-old trained breeding female. In 2013 we got our first Pudelpointer. Her name was Fin Renard Extra Rebecca from Rod Rist at Highlife Pudelpointers and we were ecstatic. We partnered on a few litters with Rod and we were hooked on this great breed. In 2016 we took our breeding program to the next level by importing an exceptional pup from Jan Venema in Stadtlohn, Germany. In January 2017 we negotiated the purchase of a half-sister to our pup from Jan Venema named Anna vom Hengelerveld and she arrived to the US bred to Bob von den Duwelsteenen. This mating gave us North Santiam's Anniken. These three exceptional females are the foundation of our bloodlines.



Our kennels breeding guidelines are as follows:

Males must prize in a NAVHDA Utility test.

Females must score a 105 or higher and prize in a NAVHDA Natural Ability test or prize in a NAVHDA UPT or Utility test.

Must be free of hip dysplasia, temperament disorders, genetic defects and comply with the breed standard's disqualifications.

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